We know that your safety is important to you. We can keep it that way by offering you world class brake repairs . When you bring your vehicle to us we inspect your entire brake system to ensure the proper operation thereof. Only quality pads and discs are used and it carries a guarantee. Brake fluid is just as important as the brake pads itself. Brake fluid is hydroscopic meaning it absorbs moisture from the air.

Water then accumulates in your brake system and can cause defects to your ABS pump and other brake components. One should have your brake fluid changed by a professional institution like us at least once a year. If you are not sure if your vehicle’s brake fluid should be changed you can stop by our workshop and we will do a FREE brake fluid test.

We offer the following brake repairs:

  • Replacement of brake fluid


Replacement of front disc and pads


likewise Replacement of brake sensors


Repairs to brake calipers


Replacement of rear discs and pads


Skimming of discs


Skimming of drums


Re-bonding of rear brake shoes


Adjustment of handbrakes


Replacement of cables or hoses


Reconditioning of older type of master cylinders


Replacements of master cylinders and wheel cylinders


ABS system diagnostics and repairs

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Brake Repairs


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