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Autoquik Mobile deals in Auto Electrical service fixing alternators, starter motors, central locking systems, and alarms. Even more, we repair immobilizers, warning lights, glow plugs, ignition coils, ignition modules distributors, ECU’s (computers) ABS & SRS lights and even more.

The  Automotive Diagnostic Tools we certainly use can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:

Ignition (primary and secondary)

likewise Injectors and fuel pumps.

Starter and charging circuits.

Furthermore Batteries, alternators, and starter motors.

Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors.

Glow plugs/timer relays.

CAN bus, LIN bus, and consequently FlexRa.

In addition we also cater to the following auto electrical services:
Performing Diagnostic electrical tests  when needed.

Capable of installing new interior electrical systems.

Test headlight alignment and intensity.

Able to undertake electrical repairs on various vehicles along with functions of issues that require attention.

To sum up, this company thrives to offer and deliver on vast ranges of auto electrical services effortlessly satisfying our customers A prime aim we set to achieve by any means certainly qualifying us as a leading brand and company. For this reason we are reliable and a trustworthy company to consider, liable to be your preferred choice. Furthermore we are also mobile mechanics unlike our competitors we take pride in our work ethic

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